Strategic contract with Lineas enables Infrabel to fulfill its core mission even better

Contract worth more than 42 million Euros between the two Belgian companies

For the next six years, Infrabel can lease up to 20 locomotives from Belgian rail operator Lineas. The company is also responsible for their maintenance. The locomotives will be used nationwide as shunting trains. Infrabel has conducted a market consultation at European level.

Logistical lifebuoy

Infrabel has its own fleet of 81 locomotives, but some of them are not available due to maintenance work, breakdowns and overhauls or because the locomotives have to be gradually equipped with the European safety system ETCS*. In addition, capacity utilization fluctuates throughout the year. To cope with all this, the infrastructure manager needs a monthly buffer capacity of 10 to 20 locomotives. The new leasing contract ensures that Infrabel has the right locomotives available when needed. Even if they are needed at very short notice.

Contract with Lineas helps to achieve targets

This buffer capacity is an advantage that should not be underestimated. Among other things, it enables Infrabel to properly fulfill its core task as a rail infrastructure manager and thus achieve the objectives of the Performance Contract concluded with the federal government. Infrabel is setting up various construction sites throughout Belgium. These include equipping the tracks with ETCS, track renewals, daily maintenance and capacity expansions. These are often multi-million euro investments that have been in preparation for years. Locomotives are of crucial importance here, as they are the "workhorses" on a construction site. Infrabel was therefore looking for a partner who could provide additional locomotives if required. Moreover, Infrabel is also strongly committed to "massification”, meaning that when a railroad line goes out of service in order to work on it, Infrabel's specialists plan as many construction sites as possible to be completed within a certain period of time. This allows us to work even safer, faster, more efficiently and with less disruption. But you need a lot of locomotives for this strategy. This rental contract partly covers this and helps Infrabel to guarantee safe and punctual train services. The contract, worth 42.5 million euros, has a fixed term of three years and can be extended annually for a further three years.

Belgian company, local know-how

This type of strategic contract is subject to specific rules that must be strictly adhered to. Infrabel is obliged to carry out a European market consultation. Lineas emerged from this legal procedure as the best candidate. Lineas transports goods throughout Europe with a fleet of almost 250 locomotives, and has its headquarters in Belgium. This means that the multi-million euro contract goes to a Belgian company and Belgian employees who know the rail market and Infrabel's needs and methods well. This is an undeniable added value.

Together for a reliable rail network

Lineas is also particularly pleased with the renewal of a solid strategic partnership: in 2020, the company leased locomotives structurally to Infrabel for the first time. The choice of Lineas for this public contract at European level is therefore a recognition of the commitment, professionalism and know-how of all the teams involved.

Lineas is first and foremost Europe's largest private rail freight operator. It transports and delivers goods throughout Europe. Every year, around 3 million km are covered on the Belgian rail network. For Lineas, its employees and its customers, it is therefore crucial that the rail network is operated safely and reliably at all times.

Lineas is therefore doubly proud to contribute to Infrabel's objectives of maintaining and developing a safe and efficient rail network - for the benefit of all operators and rail users in the country.


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About Lineas

Lineas helps companies make their supply chains climate-neutral by shifting their cargo from road to rail, reducing CO2 emissions by 90%. To this end, the company has built the largest private rail network in Europe offering customers fast, daily and reliable connections across the continent. Lineas has nearly 2,000 employees and is headquartered in Belgium with offices in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain. 

Lineas is the largest private rail freight company with the independent private equity group Argos Wityu, FPIM and Lineas management as shareholders. 


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