Lineas presents its new FAME locomotive, a milestone in sustainable transportation innovation.

Lineas, Europe’s largest private rail freight operator, is proud to present its new FAME locomotive. With this locomotive, the company highlights its commitment to finding sustainable solutions to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector.

FAME, short for Fatty Acid Methyl Ester, is a biofuel produced - among others - from non-food raw materials such as used cooking oil. Although it is already used in marine engines and simple combustion systems, waste-based FAME has not been used yet in locomotives. Lineas had the premiere of being the first rail freight operator to test it.

Lineas is currently in the final testing phase, which is expected to last until June of this year. These tests, conducted in collaboration with Cargill, are critical to validate the performance and reliability of FAME-powered locomotives before they are put into service.

With the FAME locomotive presented today, Lineas wants to emphasize the importance of biofuels such as FAME: it is a readily available alternative to diesel, that can be used on non-electrified railroad lines such as those in Flemish ports.

The use of FAME offers significant emission reductions, provided it meets strict criteria (e.g. being obtained from waste streams and certified according to REDII standards): these amount to up to 84% compared to conventional diesel. Thanks to the use of FAME and other biofuels, Lineas aims to reduce its Scope 1 emissions by 42% by 2030, a target that is in line with the validated Science Based Targets.

"The tests currently being conducted with FAME highlight our efforts to implement sustainable transportation solutions," says Bernard Gustin, Executive Chairman of Lineas. "We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint while ensuring the efficiency and reliability of our services."

Krzysztof Szmidt, EMEA Regional Transportation and Global Water Mode Lead at Cargill adds: “We’re pleased to announce that the trial has been a success so far, opening the door to greater decarbonization efforts across Belgium and beyond. Cargill is collaborating with partners like Lineas to accelerate the transition to cleaner, renewable energy as we look to a future in which we can grow and move goods more sustainably.”

Although the use of biofuels such as FAME is a major step forward, Lineas would also like to emphasize that there is an urgent need for further infrastructure development to enable widespread use of these fuels. Currently, there is no refueling infrastructure for the supply of biofuels, which hinders their immediate rollout. Lineas calls for the cooperation of all stakeholders to develop this important infrastructure and accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation fuels.

Even if freight transport by rail is already the greenest transportation solution, Lineas intends to continue its efforts to make transport even more sustainable. In this way, the company also aims to help its customers significantly reduce their transport emissions, while providing them with the highest quality of service.

North Sea Port, one of the main logistics hubs in Lineas' operating area, also expresses satisfaction with FAME's deployment in rail freight transport within its region. Daan Schalck, CEO North Sea Port, states "North Sea Port wants to increase the share of freight transport by rail from 10 to 15%. The emission reductions enabled by FAME will make a valuable contribution to making transport in the port area more sustainable. Suppliers of alternative fuels and rail operators will become important partners of the port in this regard."

Daan Schalck (North Sea Port), Krzysztof Szmidt (Cargill), Kurt Coffyn (Lineas)
Daan Schalck (North Sea Port), Krzysztof Szmidt (Cargill), Kurt Coffyn (Lineas)


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About Lineas

Lineas helps companies make their supply chains climate-neutral by shifting their cargo from road to rail, reducing CO2 emissions by 90%. To this end, the company has built the largest private rail network in Europe offering customers fast, daily and reliable connections across the continent. Lineas has nearly 2,000 employees and is headquartered in Belgium with offices in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain. 

Lineas is the largest private rail freight company with the independent private equity group Argos Wityu, FPIM and Lineas management as shareholders. 


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