Lineas offers traction support for the new night train to Prague, produced by Train Charter Services on behalf of European Sleeper

Lineas, Europe's largest private rail freight operator, is happy to provide the traction for the new night train to Prague. This train, produced by Train Charter Services on behalf of European Sleeper, has stops in Dresden, Bad Schandau, and Prague.

Picture by Train Charter Services
Picture by Train Charter Services

Lineas' participation in this initiative highlights the company’s dedication to offering sustainable and efficient transportation solutions. By providing traction for this train, the company shows it offers more than freight transport. Other notable achievements include the traction support for the Venice Simplon Orient Express, the Red Devils fan train, and Tomorrowland.


Night trains are an interesting alternative to other modes of transport, as they produce up to 28 times less greenhouse gas emissions compared to air travel. In addition, they offer passengers the convenience of maximizing their time and efficiency by traveling while they sleep.


To celebrate their partnership, Train Charter Services and Lineas have revealed a special livery on the train, symbolizing the collaboration and commitment to delivering exceptional travel experiences.


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About Lineas

Lineas helps companies make their supply chains climate-neutral by shifting their cargo from road to rail, reducing CO2 emissions by 90%. To this end, the company has built the largest private rail network in Europe offering customers fast, daily and reliable connections across the continent. Lineas has nearly 2,000 employees and is headquartered in Belgium with offices in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain. 

Lineas is the largest private rail freight company with the independent private equity group Argos Wityu, FPIM and Lineas management as shareholders. 


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