Lineas and Hupac Intermodal announce enhanced services on Antwerp-Catalonia line 

Lineas, one of Europe’s most trusted private rail freight operator, and Hupac Intermodal, one of Europe’s most reliable intermodal network operator, are pleased to announce an important improvement aimed at enhancing intermodal logistics on the Antwerp-Catalonia line, effective as of September 16, 2024.

In order to better meet the expectations and needs of its customers, Lineas has implemented a large transformation plan in recent years. The company has completely realigned its offering to propose highly reliable operations and services. And this has paid off: its customer satisfaction has risen from 2,9 out of 5 in 2022 to 3,5 in 2023, with several peaks at 4. This success is the result of many internal improvements, including a renewed focus on its core business of being a Railway Undertaking. 


In this context, Lineas has been looking to focus on being a traction provider for its Open Intermodal product Antwerp-Catalonia and to massify the Spanish corridor delivering improved quality and synergies. ​ 


Since the beginning of the year, Lineas has been operating traction services for its customer Hupac on the Antwerp – Catalonia (Perpignan & Barcelona El Morrot). Both companies have observed an improvement in service quality on this traffic. ​ 


Therefore, as of September 16, 2024, on the Antwerp – Catalonia product: ​ 

  • Hupac Intermodal will increase the frequency of its intermodal services up to 10 roundtrips per week and will use its extensive industry knowledge and operational capabilities to deliver outstanding intermodal solutions. 
  • Hupac Intermodal will operate and commercialize the intermodal service on the Antwerp-Catalonia line. 
  • Lineas will remain the traction provider on this line and take care of a seamless transition and continuity of the service for customers. ​ 


Both companies are committed to maintaining the highest standards of service delivery during and after the transition period. Customers can expect continued support and high-quality intermodal solutions that leverage Hupac’s extensive expertise and Lineas’ proven reliability as a Railway Undertaking. ​ 


"We are excited about this step with Hupac Intermodal," says Bernard Gustin, Executive Chairman of Lineas. “By creating synergies on the Antwerp-Catalonia line with Hupac, we are confident that our customers will benefit from a high quality of service and operational efficiency." 


This operation presents a significant opportunity for the market to benefit from the joint expertise and strengths of two extraordinary companies working together,” said Alessandro Valenti, Deputy Managing Director of Hupac Intermodal. "We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of service and look forward to delivering added value to customers.


For more information about Lineas and its services, visit

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Anne Grandjean, Communications & Reputation Director
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For more information about Hupac Intermodal and its services, visit

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Irmtraut Tonndorf, ​ Director Communications & Marketing
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About Lineas

Lineas helps companies make their supply chains climate-neutral by shifting their cargo from road to rail, reducing CO2 emissions by 90%. To this end, the company has built the largest private rail network in Europe offering customers fast, daily and reliable connections across the continent. Lineas has nearly 2,000 employees and is headquartered in Belgium with offices in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain. 

Lineas is the largest private rail freight company with the independent private equity group Argos Wityu, FPIM and Lineas management as shareholders. 


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